jina choi

Designer, explorer and maker who strives to tell stories and convey meaningful experiences through experimentation.

SIF Vol. 9 Transcend

visual identity, exhibition design, motion, print, merchandise

A new visual identity and theme for the hypothetical Seoul Illustration Fair (SIF) for the year 2020. The theme “Transcend” was chosen in order to highlight the idea of illustration as a medium that can be translated and transformed from the traditional to digital. 

Using pixels as the driving motif, the original SIF logo was redesigned to fit the visual identity and convey the idea of transcendence. The digital green, purple and black palette alludes to the RGB screen colors and quality of digital platforms.

This project focuses on demonstrating its identity for diverse functions such as digital billboards, print, textile and exhibition designs. Language and bilingual aspects were also taken into consideration for international and local visitors of the fair.

exhibitor’s manual brochure + map 
Information in English and Korean, depicts exhibition layout and booth design, size and pricing. This map is for potential exhibitors who need to select their booth design prior to the exhibition.

This mockup is modified from an existing image from the public domain. This website does not own the original image.

exhibition entrance display + wristbands

The pixel graphics are used as patterns to reinforce the theme of transcend. 

exhibition map

Shows the floor plan and exhibitors. The exhibition space is designed to give the feeling of dispersion and transcendence while maintaining the required 715 booths at the venue. 

Totebags and electronics cases for visitors and exhibitors. 

motion poster

Utilizes the motif of pixels and its digital platform to convey the movement and the theme of trascendence. Fragments of the Korean letterforms, “초월”, meaning “transcend”, disperse and gradually rise above the canvas. 

exhibition design

Ceiling mobiles mark areas within the exhibition and reiterate the idea of smaller parts or pixels moving up and scattering beyond the static traditional forms of illustration. It also suggests how the unused parts of the facility could be repurposed for a more active and entertaining space.

Some mockups are modified from existing images from the public domain.