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knoll workplace research library 

visual identity, print, brand experience
case study

[download pdf] knoll wrl logo manual 

Knoll Workplace Research Library is a sub-brand of Knoll that focuses on the designing for the modern workplace. 

In collaboration with the Knoll Workplace Research Library, this project creates a visual identity for the new brand. It aims to express the long history of Knoll and its key values regarding the office environment, such as flexibility and structure.

logo brainstorm 

Key values of the Knoll Workplace Research Library, ideas of harmony, timelessness, work and life balance, structure and change, were considered. Features of this visual identity aims to express flexibility, diversity and structure by revisiting Herbert Matter’s original Knoll logo in 1938.

logo forms

One of the features of this logo is that it is flexible, and thus can be made into various patterns and motions. As mentioned above, it aims to express flexibility, diversity and structure; the characteristics of a forward-looking workplace. The rectangular office structures become fluid and malleable to new ideas, change and harmoniously balance the values of the diverse values of Knoll.

color exploration and patterns 

Blue is added with the original Knoll orange, to keep Knoll and the Knoll Workplace Research Library distinct. Blue expresses office professionalism, authority and intellect and complements the original Knoll brand color, orange.


triptych posters

Visual posters (top) illustrating Knoll’s office chair line: side chair, work chair, high-back chair.  Infographic posters (bottom) explaining the innovation behid the chairs and Knoll Workplace Research Library’s evolution.

office showroom display sketch

Flexible and structured in character, the showroom display is comprised of multiple square ‘cells’ that can be rearranged into any shape and situation. The display design mainly focuses on the logo colors, the logo form and occasional typography and imagery.  

brainstorm sketches for showroom display

A wider range of ideas can be manifested as the display screen is comprised of individual units. The sketch and image below give examples of how the screen can be used as parts with multiple images, as a whole with one impactful image, or as different sizes and shapes depending on the what the situation calls for.  See the logo manual for a more information.

example 1 (see the logo manual for other display ideas)
Transformation and movement of the logo colors, focusing particularly on the addition of “blue” as the Knoll Workplace Research Library color.